Saturday, November 7, 2015

42mm Britains figures

     I have been waiting for some figures I bought on Ebay. They are some Britains, 4 which are smaller than the usual 54mm figures.  I bought them hoping they would be the same size as Zinnbrigade 42mm Prussian parade figures.  The package came in today. I think they are the same scale, although a book I have lists the Britains as being 44mm.
The Ebay lot. The 4 figures on the left were the figures I wanted.

The figures belong to Britains  "W" series.

Unfortunately, the Highlander is damaged, with a large hole in the side. The upper part of the torso seems to have been crushed. The figure is still usable though.

A converted Zinnbrigade figures stands with the Britains. They are a good match.


  1. You lucky fellow! Ive been scanning the net and eBay for years looking for some B series, esp the chap trailing arms. Zinnbrigade are slightly shorter than most "40mm" or "42mm" figures but not unreasonably so. The marching Britain's look a bit smaller than the other figure anyway.

  2. I don't even know how I found this lot. I believe it came up as "you might be interested" on an email. Maybe someone in the UK will see these and put us on the right track to find more. I, too, have been looking for these for years especially the marching figure with the home service helmet.