Friday, October 30, 2015

A New Dog and ECW Unit

        We decided to get a new dog. While the original plan was no new pets. It was my wife who asked if we could get another dog. My only stipulation was that it had to be a rescue dog. There is a Jack Russell Terrier rescue in our state, so we started the adoption proceeding. While returning from our vacation in Maryland, we swung by the rescue and picked up our newest family member, Jerry. Needless to say, the last couple of weeks have been adjusting to the quirks of a new dog, and him adjusting to us. I have had little time for wargaming.

    However, while on vacation I started thinking of making larger units if I was to continue with an English Civil War game. I decided to raise an experimental regiment to test out some ideas. The trouble was how to base the figures. As most infantry formations had musketeers on the end with pikemen in the middle, basing them side by side wouldn't work out well. So I decided to base the one in front of the other. I also wanted to have a standard bearer. At first the plan was to have a pikeman with the flag. However, I do have quite a few nice command figures and it seemed a shame that I don't use the in my regular gaming. So I made a command stand. If I use the BATTLELORE variants I used in my last game, the command stand wouldn't count except as a marker. Of course if I wanted a longer game, it could be that a unit takes 5 hits instead of the usual 4. Below is a few shots of the regiment. They need their coat of varnish and I still haven't got a flag for them yet.

Jerry, our newest member of the family.

A typical jack, Jerry needs plenty of exercise, which tends to cut into my war-game time.

My experimental ECW regiment. If I raise more regiments, they will each get a different color uniform.

This is how I based the figures. I also put each figure on a washer. That way if I ever want to rebase them or use them individually, they will be ready for action.


  1. I am very glad that the lack of posts was due to the arrival of a new dog, your Peter Laing figures are lovely, I had some years ago when you had to pay by postal order and the process of ordering and delivery was glacially slow. Unfortunately they are now landfill, I could kick myself.

  2. I hope to start getting back to my figures and games soon. Just out of curiosity, what Peter Laing figures did you throw away? I'm not sure I really want to know. I've read stories of people melting down Peter Laing figures. Before I got into Peter Laings, I was an Airfix junky. I almost cried when my brother told me he threw away his large collection of plastic Revolutionary war figures.

    1. Blimey I am feeling guilt and shame even thinking about it. I would have bought the figures in around 1985/1986 the largest number of figures were Plains wars, cavalry, infantry and injuns,the next bit is hard to type, wagons, and I am sure there was a stagecoach / or contessa type wagon, although I am starting to hope that this is a false memory the shame is realthey may well have been called something else in the catalogue. The rest were a selection of ancients, certhaginians, romans etc and some war of independence / FIW. Almost too painful for words. I also almost cried when my parents threw out my airfix soldiers including many Revolutionary war figures as well, I was at university and my mum decided that I was too old for such childish indulgences. My love of toy soldiers remains undiminished and your blog has for a long time whetted my appetite for Peter Laing figures, I remember being amazed at the range of periods covered that were not touched by any body else. I had and still have butterfly syndrome re periods and figures both of which needs Peter Laings were able to meet. I also long for the simplicity of the figures, I don't want hyper detailed figures I want an elegant simplicity, my painting is simple, only interested in simple non competitive rules, spend a lot of time with models and soldiers but game very little and then solo as have never met any one else interested. Sorry if this sounded confessional but admitting guilt can be difficult. Your site and toys are and have been an inspiration. Thanks.

  3. I have some of the Plains war figures. I really need to use them more. I would love to get my hands on some of his Revolutionary War figures. When I moved out of my mom's house, I was going to throw out all my toys. Mom stopped me and told me to hold on to them for my own kids. My step kids never used them, but I am happy I saved them for myself! I understand your views on the hobby; your description pretty well describes my approach to the hobby. The good news is there seems to be a lot of Peter Laing ancients out there. I honestly never thought I would get the collection of Peter Laings when I first started looking for them.

  4. John, I hope your new dog brings you as much pleasure as your old one and doesn't distract you from Wargaming too much. Between work and recent events at home, I have only been able to enjoy Wargaming vicariously at the moment. Your blog and others like it has been great for that.

  5. Jerry made himself right at home and is fitting in well. When I first got him and went to work on my gaming, he would go into his crate and just lay there. I felt guilty and would stop my work. I found a solution; I put a chair next to my desk and he sits next to me while I work. I spent 1 1/2 hours on gaming yesterday with Jerry comfortably next to me. I have a couple of small projects going with home casting, which I will report on.