Sunday, January 25, 2015

Warhammer Mighty Empires

     It was one of those days where I was going to different websites that I normally don't go to.  One website  had photographs of WARHAMMER MIGHTY EMPIRES. MIGHTY EMPIRES is a hex based campaign rule set that is not a game in itself, but is used to generate WARHAMMER battles. The map itself is randomly generated.

       Of course it caught my eye because of the hexes themselves. They are larger than HEROSCAPE, with different terrain, such as rivers and mountains molded on them. The game comes with 48 hexes. One good point is except the 8 mountain hexes, all the other hexes have terrain on both sides, increasing their usefulness.  The rules themselves only are 5 pages long, with about 6 different languages in the rulebook.

     I think I could use my 2mm armies with these terrain hexes.  This "game" might sit in my closet for a while (maybe years?) before I actually use it. One good thing is the game is still available through the GAMES WORKSHOP website if anyone is looking for a set for themselves.
Box cover.

Back of box.

Inside the newly opened box.

Closeup of hex.


Hex with 2mm troops on it.

Some of the playing pieces, including stronghold, city and mine.

Shots of different painted hexes from box.

This shows one side of hexes........

And this is the other side of the same spruce.

A not too clear shot of hexes with 15mm tree on the left hex and two Peter Laing figures on the right side.


  1. I have never seen those before - they look fascinating and give me all sorts of ideas....
    May be usable with that campaign I am working on. Does the box have pictures of all of the different tile types?

  2. Yes, the box does show the different tiles painted different ways. If you wish I could take photos and post them.

  3. Yes please, but no rush. I saw quite a few add-on tiles on e-Bay when I looked last night