Monday, October 6, 2014

More Gaming Purchases and Great Values on Kindle

      While my job and sudden interest in R/C naval combat has distracted me from wargaming, I still haven't completely given up on war-games. I have bought several lots of old Minifigs 15mm terrain, including stone walls, brick walls, hedgerows and 5 arched bridges. I was going to include photos of them, but seem to have misplaced my camera.  Also after reading Bob Cordery's review of "One Hour Wargames", I ordered the book.

    In a previous blog I brought up about buying books for my Kindle. One very good buy is a collection of Osprey guides. I bought 4 so far, The Franco-Prussian War 1870-1871, The Mexican War 1846-1848, The Ottoman Empire 1326-1699, and Byzantium at War AD 600-1453.  At $1.49 each, it is a great buy. While they are not illustrated, they have maps and are listed as being around 90 pages. I am going to try to get the whole collection in time. I also downloaded "Sino-Japanese Naval War 1894-1895" by Piotr Olender. After reading this book, I plan to buy a paper copy of it as the illustrations of the warships makes it worth the extra money.


  1. Interesting - I didn't think Minifigs ever made terrain, in any scale.
    It isn't actually the old Hincliffe System 12 terrain is it? (see link)
    Only if so, that is a very rare beast indeed!

  2. Ian, you could be right. I was using the sellers description of the pieces. I believe in an old magazine I have there is an ad for system 12 with photos of some of the terrain. I will have to try to find that magazine .In the meantime I'll try to find my camera to take pictures of the pieces.

  3. I will have the original advert in an old MM, but in the meanwhile there is an extract of the catalogue in the link I added to the previous mail