Sunday, January 26, 2014

Reorganizing My Peter Laings; A Major Project

      I have always been unorganized. To know where something is one day, only to lose it the next, then find it months later while looking for something else, is aggravating to say the least. The best example of this is my lost Persian Immortals.  They were forever in my way, until I decided to use my Persians. To this day I still haven't found them. My wife and I will joke that "Molly", the ghost of the former owner of our home, has hidden things on us.  I hope she returns those "Immortals" soon.

     It came time for me to at least organize my Peter Laings.  I have tried several different storage solutions. The best one I've had luck with are storage drawers. These drawers are made for hardware and have come in different sizes.
Two of my original drawers, filled with Peter Laings, 1st generation Minifigs and Heritage figures.

My new drawers. 8 out of 9 of the large drawers can be seen filled with Peter Laing figures. I am coming to realize that I have a lot more Peter Laings than I thought I had. Notice the piece of wood next to it. That is a support for the shelf above, which has the original drawer units on it and is bowing the shelf!

This is the bottom shelf. All those boxes are filled with toy soldiers; unfortunately they are not all Peter Laings!

The top of my desk. I must sort through many boxes like this as many of the figures are mixed  with different periods.


  1. Looks and sounds familiar. But isn't it fun occssionally to discover something one had forgotten one had?

  2. It is indeed turning quite rewarding, having found several figures I forgot I had!