Sunday, October 30, 2016

Risk Europe Game

         Since coming back from vacation, I have had little time for gaming. In fact,, I  just haven't been interested in gaming in the last few weeks. I also have been working overtime to make up some of money spent on vacation.

        For some reason Saturday I woke up and started thinking of RISK EUROPE. This newest version has 4 different Medieval armies. What's different from other Risk games in that instead of having the same figures in different colors, this game actually have four armies, each with different figures. I went out and bought a copy of the game.

        Of course I bought the game for the figures.  Each army comes with 25 infantrymen, 12 archers, 12 cavalry and 4 siege engines. There are enough figures in each army to make up 4 BATTLELORE armies consisting of 6 infantry units, with one spare figure, 3 archer units, and 4 cavalry units.
The Red Army, which looks like the are based on the Russian  army.  They are armed with catapults. The siege weapons are  used in the game to capture castles

The green army looks like they're French. Their siege engine is a ballista.

The blue army is based on Scandinavian warriors. The best siege weapon of all; the battering ram. The cavalry man has horns on their helmets and capes that look like furs.

My personal favorites; the purple army that looks like Ottoman Turks. Their siege weapon is a trebuchet.

The RISK figure compare to a Peter Laing figure on the left, and an Airfix figure on the right.

These figures would be perfect for someone who wants to get into Medieval wargaming cheaply.  These figures might be used in a future Hyborian campaign.


  1. A great buy filled with possibilities...

  2. Since starting to collect Peter Laing figures, I swore to myself " no more plastic figures"; a promise I fail to keep!

  3. Promises made to yourself re not purchasing toy soldiers do not count as promises. View them as challenges to be overcome with a contented smile. The figures do look great with the potential for so many uses. However the risk Europe set is bloody expensive in this part of .......... Europe! Hope that you enjoyed your holiday and are replenishing your war chest.

  4. I paid a little over $40 American for it. If it has to be imported I'm sure that's what makes it so expensive. But $10 for an army isn't too bad, is it?

  5. £36-£40-00 here. I think you got a bargain. I am not usually lucky with finds but found a copy of F E Perry A First Book of Wargaming in a junk box in a charity shop today for the princely sum of 30p. Perhaps my luck is changing.

  6. Before I went on vacation a local library had a large book sale. I bought a sizable lot of books, all for under $20. I should go through the box again to see what I bought.

  7. The majority of my old wargames books are ex library stock. I had so many on semi permanent loan. Every library in the 1970s had wargames sections and many military history books. Being able to read these fuelled my love of toy soldiers and military history. It is such a criminal shame that libraries are closing. It was so exciting when the library stocked a new book amd the joy of getting hold of a wargames book through the inter library loan system felt almost exotic. It would be good to see what your book hoard contains. I have to admit to pangs of jealousy about the Yeomanry uniform books. They also seen bloody expensive in this neck of the woods !

    1. Reading this comment has brought back so many memories! I was always in the wargaming section! Donald Featherstone, I believe!

  8. Unfortunately the libraries I went to didn't have war-game books. However, I did buy several books that I had originally read that I took out of the library. The only time I go to libraries now is for book sales. You did inspire me to go through the books I just bought. I will do a quick posting on them.