Sunday, August 28, 2016

Two Wargames

 This weekend I got two wargames in. One game I used my new Minifigs War of 1812 militia to try to stop a British raid, using Chris Salander's Horse & Musket 2.0 rules. The other game I used my "No Brain" war-game rules, with the Ottoman Turk army battling an Arab army.

The War of 1812 game. The British goal is to destroy the building at the right. The American goal is to capture the boat at the left. I wasn't going to photograph or write up this battle. However, one of my newly painted militia units managed to kill two British infantrymen, and make the other two infantrymen retreat.  That's when I started taking pictures.

The militia unit with two of it's victims.

The militia unit showing off their spiffy uniforms.

The militia starts taking return fire. One of the militiaman finds it too hot and retreats.

Another militiaman is killed; another militiaman retreats.

The militia is holding it's own.

Some of the regulars finds the militia fire too much and tries to return to the boat.

The British rallies and starts killing some of the militia.

At the top of the picture; the militia riflemen who started the battle so gloriously, now lose two more men and the last man falls back.

The British now have the militia on the run.

The militia counterattacks.

The militia has lost over 50%. 

The militia breaks and retreats.  Of course in this game the militia fought like regulars. In a more serious game they will not be so steady.

The country militia.

A unit of volunteer militia.

The unit of volunteer rifles ( armed with muskets).

The Ottomans vs Arab game. In this game both sides started with 8 archers 16  infantrymen and 8 cavalry.  The infantry and archers were mixed together so some units had archers and spearmen. This was another game that I wasn't going to report on. This is about half way through the game and the Arabs have almost split the Ottoman army in half.

The Arab cavalry has forced the Ottoman cavalry to retreat and now attacks an infantry unit.

The Ottoman cavalry attacks on both flanks and almost surrounds the Arab army.

The Arab cavalry counterattacks the Ottoman cavalry. This Ottoman unit is being led by the Ottoman Pasha. The Arabs kill  all but the Ottoman Pasha. However, they had also made the Pasha retreat, meaning they get a followup attack.

Unfortunately they only roll for a retreat; the Pasha retreats out of range. The Arab archer in the photograph fires on him, but misses.

The Arabs eventually inflects 50% casualties on the Ottomans, who are forced to retreat.
After this game I started to think of going back to using other rules for my gaming.   If I'm just trying to get a game in with no terrain, these rules are actually fun for a quick unplanned game.


  1. Just back from work so this was a pleasant surprise. The minifigs 1812 figures look great. I have some of the same figures and have painted them as American riflemen in green uniforms and ochre trim. Very nice figures and a joy to paint. Good enjoyable post again, thanks.

  2. These militia figures are quite fun to paint. There are so many different militia companies with different uniforms that can be copied, including Canadian militia units.

  3. I like tge top hatted militia. Kudos to them for fighting like regulars like they no doubt boasted to do.

    Sometimes a quick set up and game is just the thing.

  4. These militiamen will fight for both the USA and Canada. I might read Donald Graves" "Guns Across the River: the Battle of the Windmill, 1838" about one of the many American "invasions" of Canada.

  5. Thank you Ferrymen. Since following some reader's suggestions, I have been enjoying the games.