Sunday, August 21, 2016

Future Projects

     Battle Game of the Month & Man of Tin blogs have given me new inspiration  for gaming. Man of Tin has me thinking of playing more skirmish games. After all, skirmishes happen more often  than set piece battles. As for Battle Game of the Month, Ross Macfarlane plays  games based on various border incidents between the United States and Canada in the 19th century.  I am now looking at early American wars for ideas for gaming. Using the timespan of between the start of the Plymouth colony to the Mexican-American War, there is no end of possibilities.

      At the time I got back into wargaming, I had a great interest in the War of 1812. One reason was the use of militias and the small size of armies involved. I dug out some Minifigs War of 1812 militia that I had. Looking at these figures, I decided to order more of them. They will be painted so they can be used as Canadian or American militia.
Two of the Minifigs Militia painted based on a photograph from Old Sturbridge Village, a living history museum in Massachusetts. They have a "Training day" where the village drills their militia.

Two more militiamen in more traditional uniform. These militia figures have great potential for some fun painting.  I ordered 48 march attack militia poses. I should have ordered more of these figures.

This figure I made combining two different Minifigs ECW figures. I want to use them for a King Philips War game. Although the militia used muskets, not blunderbusses, there is an old woodcut that I like that shows the colonial troops with blunderbusses.

The Man of Tin blog had a great posting about the Maori Wars, where there were illustrations using Peter Laing figures from a Military Modeling article.  This sailor figure was among those shown . I had made a mold of this figure a while back. Seeing this article inspired me to cast a few; above is the result. A big shoutout to Ian Dury. He was kind enough to forward me a copy of the Military Modeling  Maori War Wargame rules and history of the Maori Wars. 


  1. The newly cast figure looks good. Is it straight forward to make these? Good luck with your skirmish project. Regards, Peter

  2. It is pretty straight forward. I have started venting to the bottom of the mold; I think it helps the metal to flow since they are gravity fed molds. After over 80 molds, I should have been getting better results earlier, though.

    1. Thanks. I need some more AWI cavalry so will give casting a go. Regards Peter

    2. I have had a little more trouble with horses (four legs you know!). Let me know how they turn out; maybe even forward some photos of them. Good luck Peter.