Sunday, May 15, 2016

Back from Vacation

    I didn't get as much done as far as wargames while on vacation, besides painting some figures and a little reading. Right before leaving, I got two small books I had ordered; H.G. Wells FLOOR GAMES  and Robert Louis Stevensons' STEVENSON AT PLAY.
        Before leaving on vacation I ordered a wargame mat from   Hotzmats. I ended up buying a green quarter mat with 3 inch hexes.  This will make the playing field smaller than a Command & Colors board. However, the larger hexes will allow me to make terrain pieces and still have room for figures. The mat is slightly larger than the table I presently use, but I will get a piece of plywood that will fit into my wargame space.

All the hobby paints I wanted to take with me wouldn't fit into the small art box I have. I found this pill case at a dollar store.  This gave me plenty of room for other supplies. The individual sections aren't airtight, so I put it in a ziplock bag. The paints were good for the week. 

I got 12 Peter Laing Dragoons in a lot of Ancient figures I bought last year. I divided them into 4 -3 man units. 

These are some home casts that I wanted to try different uniforms.

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