Saturday, January 23, 2016

Peter Laing WW1 Wargame

I have been thinking of a wargame,  where both sides would get reinforcements on a regular basis. That means I need two armies that I have plenty of extra figures. I have a large collection of WW1 Peter Laing figures that I haven't used in a long time, so these seem like the ideal armies. This was just to be an experimental game, to see if having random reinforcements entering game would add to it. The game has been going on for over three hours with no end in sight. Once the fighting began, each side would roll three BATTLE CRY dice (after a few turns I increased it to 4), whatever came up was the reinforcements the side would get. The "retreat" or "crossed swords"  would not count for anything.
The battle have been going on for several turns. The Germans have launched an all out attack  on the British line.  I have played several games this week without taking pictures of them . I was originally wasn't going to photograph this game, but as I was trying something different I figured to take some pictures.

The British receive much needed reinforcements that throw the German attack back.

The British counter attack.

The British are on the verge of turning the Germans' left flank.

The Germans mass their reinforcements blunt the British push.

The Germans launch another all out attack.

And once again the British stop the attack.

One of the British units, a fresh unit of Highlanders, wipe out one German infantry unit.

The battle has been one of attack and counterattack. I had to stop as my wife got stuck in the snow  and I had to get her dug out.  At this point both sides pulled back to reform their lines. The British had got some good rolls that bolstered their artillery, so that the British could spread them evenly along their line. The game will continue, hopefully tomorrow. At the end of the day, the Germans lost 2 units of cavalry and 9 infantry units, as opposed to the British losing 3 cavalry and 5 infantry units.


  1. Again, a marvellous post. The figures look great, two fingers to the detractors, as were the beautiful Ottomans in the previous post. Nothing malnourished or deformed on your parades. Thanks very much for sharing.

  2. Thank you for the kind words. It's good that most people don't care for the figures; sometimes you can still buy them at a reasonable price, compared to other miniature lines.