Sunday, December 7, 2014

An 18th Century Wargame

     While I have been working on Dark Ages armies the last couple of weeks, my intention was to use my new Peter Laing Normans and Picts, I really couldn't find a scenario to my liking in the short time I had. I decided just to have a game using my 18th century toy soldiers. I am still not sure of the manufacturer of the infantry.  I used the idea of picking two armies by dice rolls used in ONE HOUR WARGAMES, except I increased to number of units to 8.  The terrain was laid out using an idea from William Silvester's THE SOLO WARGAMING GUIDE.

    The game was simple itself. There was a village in the middle of the field and both sides wanted to occupy it. The battle ends when one side looses 4 units. Whoever controls the village at that time wins. The rules used are Bob Cordery's MEMOIR OF BATTLE.
The start of the battle. The British are in the foreground, the French can be seen behind the village and woods.

Both sides jockey for position.

The British win the initiative roll and take the village. The British just stormed ahead without engaging the French.

On the French turn their cavalry hits the British cavalry on the flank.

The British cavalry retreats with the French on their tail.

The French start working around the village.

Another view showing the French attack.

The French cavalry continue to rout the British cavalry.

The British inflect losses on the French, but can't push them back. The French continue to push the British line back.

Another view from above.

The French cavlry drive the British cavalry off the field of battle.

The French finally takes the village and push back the British line, where no unit is within range of the village. The British have also lost 5 units at this point; they have lost the battle.

Another view of the French capture of the village.

It was good to get a game in. However, it just turned into a rush for the village with both sides just pouring their units into the attack with no real trying to outmaneuver the other side.  This game has me rethinking my next war-game project. I've started to plan my next game. If my plans move forward, my Peter Laings will be taking a rest from the game. 


  1. Sounds like a good game, I must try Bob's rules sometime.
    Now work has slowed down a little, I am working on that 'play by (e)mail campaign' I talked to you about. I have some ideas for the campaign rules that I should be able to send you soon

  2. I hate to contact you like this but I couldn't find an email address.

    I love Laing figures and I'm especially interested in Colonials. I've got some Gurhkas that I'm interested in trading and some Colonial Indian infantry...for other Laings of course.

    I though if anybody might know who was interested it would be you.


  3. Erik, my email address is:
    If you email what you are looking for I will see if I have any spares. If not, Ian Dury is in contact with several other collectors; I could forward your wants to him.

  4. Erik, likewise, drop me a line:
    Where are you based?

    1. I'm in Jackson, Mississippi. I will certainly do it sir.

      Thanks for the response Jhn. I've really enjoyed your blog and I know from looking around that there is no discussion of these little jokers without Mr Dury making an appearance.

      I'll send both of you some pics of what I've been up to.

      Thanks again.

      I've been watching this blog and others

  5. I'm near Birmingham myself, but the original, not Alabama!
    Would love to see the pictures. I will send you some links to pictures of my Laings