Saturday, January 4, 2014

Peter Laing vs the Dragons

          My wife went to the local craft store today and I went along. I bought the trees I used for wargaming in this store. They come in a plastic tube and the product is named "Toobs".  I have been wanting to get more of them and saw that they were back in stock before Christmas. I picked up the last 2 sets of them. I also noticed a "toob" of dragons.  While not big into fantasy, with my recent interest in "Battlelores" I figured they might be useful at a later time.  Of course if I do use they they will in all probability be facing Peter Laing knights.

The "Toob" comes with 6 dragons in it. These I think were the best of the lot.


  1. They even look like they could have been Laings!

  2. My New Years resolution to limit my war-game purchases to Peter Lains and 1st generation Minifigs lasted all of 4 days!