Sunday, July 14, 2013

Homecast Peter Laing Victorian Parade Cyclist

     In one of my new books, "Infantry Uniforms, Book Two 1855-1939" one of the illustrations is of the 13th Middlesex Volunteers. The picture has a sergeant and a cyclist. This picture is what made this a must buy book for me. As I have said in the past, one of my favorite Peter Laing figures is the Victorian Parade cyclist figure.  It took two tries to get a somewhat usable mold for this figure. I dug out one of my home casts and did a quick paint job. I must admit that I think I will try a third mold of this figure.
13th Middlesex Volunteers Queens Westminsters. sergeant & cyclist

My home cast

          I got two of the cyclist figures when I bought a large lot of WW1 Peter Laing figures. The first war-game I used the new figures in I had the cyclists act as cavalry with the capability of ranged firing. The British were fighting a Boer style enemy. The cyclists managed to flank the enemy and push two units back, but with only two figures instead of the usual three, was quickly eliminated.
           This New book has many illustrations of volunteer units, which has me thinking of two armies made up of British regiments, one side being Regular regiments and the other side Volunteer regiments. The combat would be as though the armies were on maneuvers, and not actually at war. In the war-game book "Shambattle" the two opposing kingdoms are described as being so friendly that they stage sham battles with their armies.  No complicated "why are they fighting", just a simple excuse to play with toy soldiers.

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