Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Peter Laing FPW Germans and more Militia Cards

First on todays blog is a couple of shots of Peter Laing Hesse Darmstadt infantry sent to me by Ian Dury, who has been me main source of hard to find Peter Laings. Ian's photos are a constant source of inspiration.  These figures could also be used for   the militia figures. I have read a lot of comments about how bad PL figures are. However, most critics forget that PL figures were the first 15mm made. They opened a whole new world of wargames. Also,when compared to the first Britains, both the Peter Laings and early Britains have about the same detail. Maybe someday Peter Laings will be considered collectable. 


  1. Love the militia pictures John - and I am so glad you like the photos - I will keep them coming!

  2. Ian, The cards were a real find for me. They do have uniforms from around the world in this set. I know the is a book of of British cigarette cards showing uniforms of the UK. That is another book I want to get in the future.
    I have to track down some of the other photos you sent me. I believe most of those are on my old computer. They are great examples of PL figures.